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Meeting a potential mentor for the first time? Here's what to ask.

Many of you indicated that you want to take advantage of mentorship opportunities or networking opportunities, but often times, right after that initial excitement, there is some fear around ‘what to say, what is a good outcome’ or a desire to ‘not waste the individual’s time.’

This leads to nothing happening at all.

Here are some initial tips for you and remember, the only way to get better at connecting with others, is to start connecting:

1. If someone offers you their time, take them up on it. They do want to meet you and you are ABSOLUTELY worthy of that time with them.

2. Be on time, if remote, ensure you have great lighting and speak clearly and loudly.

3. Here are some questions you can consider adding to your toolbox as you engage with them.

After you share about your personal career goals, consider asking:

  1. What have you done to develop your career?

  2. What are some of the things that you find rewarding in your career?

  3. What does a day in this role look like?

  4. What is the most effective daily habit you possess?

  5. How do you balance home and work commitments?

  6. What are some things that you find frustrating or disappointing and how do you manage?

  7. What professional associations or organizations are useful to belong to in this field?

  8. What is one thing you wish you knew at my level?



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