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Strategic Career Planning for 2024: 3 Key Tips and Top Priority Skills

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

It's the start of a new year and very soon your direct boss or department is going to ask you to develop your 2024 career plan. Here are three quick tips:

1. Ask your boss for the 2024 departmental/strategic goals

Your goals should align with the department/strategic vision of the organization. Asking for the 2024 departmental/strategic goals allow you to see the key focus areas that the executive/leadership committee has prioritized.

Why this helps: At the end of 2024, you will need to provide your year-end review. Imagine if you are able to intentionally create a plan of action using the strategic goals at the beginning of the year. That way you only do what you are paid to do and choose very strategic activities to support that drive the department forward.

2. Identify certifications and learning opportunities that serve your best interest and the organization's.

Why this helps: Some organizations have training budgets. If you can identify a certification, course, learning opportunity that supports the strategic goals, it's a great way for you to grow your career and receive the benefit of having your education paid for as well.

3. Reach out to your cross-functional stakeholders and ask how you can improve the partnership.

Why this helps: This improves your visibility with leaders outside of your group and provides you with key insights in to how the quality of your work affects others, it may even provide you with an opportunity to create or design a new process that can create efficiency and improve quality.

Once you've designed your career goals in alignment with the strategic objectives, I want you to have two personal improvement areas of your own: (1) Improve your communication skills and (2) Get comfortable with data and explore AI, e.g., using ChatGPT or other AI-powered tools.

These two areas above are top of mind for all leaders and executives. They are key differentiators in the global economy and put you on a great path to future success regardless of industry.


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