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So, tell me about yourself.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

How you answer "tell me about yourself" sets the tone for the rest of the interview. Most importantly, it makes them interested in getting to know you better.

Many of you are taking the wrong approach to this question.

You're listing out all the work experience you have vs. your skills and you're not directly relating it to the position and not making it interesting.

Tell me about yourself [1]:

I understand science and I understand process. For over X years, I have tested xyz and I take that experience to build seamless , repeatable processes that focus on one thing and one thing only - making the science speak. I see strategic vision and I understand the tactical steps to get there. In just the 7 months that I've been in my role, I've implemented digital tracking systems to increase accuracy of specimen collection, I've advised on workflow strategies and processes and using data analytics to advise OUR scientists and trained them in techniques. My role expanded from 1 to 4 labs in this time, and I focus on one thing - making the science speak accurately. I look forward to bringing this experience to your role.

Tell me about yourself[2]:

I believe that when people are valued, they perform better. Over the past 7 years I have worked at X company as a Human Resource Assistant, supporting over 200 employees across the group. I'm a collaborative individual and a people champion. I support all aspects of the Human Resource Administration process. I enjoy working with all levels of teams including Executives. I recently completed my Level 5 diploma in Human Resources Professional from Chartered Institute etc., and I also have a Certificate in Law . I'm looking forward to bringing my strong collaborative approach to this role.

Wouldn't you want to hear more from them?

You will notice that all of these have one thing in common - it doesn't list out your Bachelors/Masters, job experience, in a mundane way. It's very targeted, VERY personal and VERY aligned.

It speaks about who they are and what they bring.

That's the lens I coach you from - helping you to peak the interest of the hiring manager who probably will interview so many candidates, so I help you to stand out from the beginning and then navigate it from there.

Oh! And, bonus pro tip for you:

Prepare for an interview as you would an exam. Highlight the key skills they place in the job description under 'Ideal Candidate will have' and bake that in to your 'Tell me about yourself'.

Create the story for them and let them know without a shadow of a doubt that YOU are the right person for the job.

Check out our client's feedback for yourself: RESULTS | Island Advantage


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