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"If you done it, it ain't bragging"

For some reason, every single person "doesn't want to seem arrogant or cocky", or they "don't want to seem not humble or to brag", when it's time to tell others about themselves in interviews.

I really don't get it. Honestly, I really don't.

Imagine this - you're on an interview to prove why you are the right person for the job among all other candidates but you do not want to show the ways that you are? Doesn't seem very logical right?

Your idea of 'bragging', may be associated with jerks. You may be thinking about that individual who always talks about themselves or makes themselves the center of attention, but that's not what an interview is - an interview is literally, an opportunity to demonstrate YOUR value.

The challenge is, do YOU know what your accomplishments are? Are you tracking your accomplishments all along your career or only when you have to change roles?

Here's my suggestion for you to track your accomplishments. This works well for your performance check ins with your leaders or for your next interview.

  1. Log your ideas, e.g., did you come up with a process that helped your department or a customer?

  2. Did you coach or develop others in accomplishing a strategic task?

  3. Make note of your compliments. Did you receive a bonus or award? Did a leader provide you with an e-mail thanking you for your time, talent or expertise?

It's time to communicate your value with clarity and purpose.

Looking forward to showing you how.



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