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It's scholarship season!

Updated: May 11, 2021

"I really want to study abroad but if I don't get a scholarship, I won't be able to." Does this sound like you?

Access to education changes our lives and after hearing the same feedback over the last 8 weeks of doing my monthly webinars, I went on a mission to find the scholarships and resources that are available to international students. I'm happy to report I found over 30 and you can access them RIGHT HERE!

Of course, applying does not mean you will receive it, but it's a great start to know what your options are. I have helped students land merit based scholarships and prestigious global scholarships such as the Rhodes Scholarship.

Spread the word!

Scholarships for 2022 admission cycles are open so grab your copy and join one of my upcoming workshops on 'Storytelling and the Scholarship Essay."



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