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The Application Essay

Updated: May 11, 2021

The application essay is your opportunity to share the power of your story. You are absolutely unique; your reason for furthering your education and what opportunities education can provide to you is highly personal and, guess what? The admissions committee wants and needs to know about you. Every experience in your life, every challenge, every success, or perceived failure, informs your decision-making and impacts how you experience the world. The application essay is where you get to show it.

Here are 5 Island Advantage tips for you from our 'Study Abroad Guide'.

1) Pay close attention to the application essay prompt and be sure to answer the question asked. Many students focus on what they want the admissions committee to know about them and not what the admissions committee is asking them to share.

2) Start with a strong opening sentence that commands attention and invites the reader to learn more.

3) Do not sound phony or scripted. You should not use language you would not ordinarily use, and you should avoid overly formal or complex language.

4) Avoid clichés. Clichés such as “time heals all wounds,” “love is blind,” “ignorance is bliss.” Your writing should represent you, your story and uniqueness; avoid overused expressions!

5) Avoid complimenting the school in your essay. For example, when answering a question on why they wish to attend a school, many students focus on praising the school and faculty. These are wasted words better used outlining achievements, expressing your insights from connections with alumni or current students, or even sharing more about your character, grit and determination.

To read more essay tips, get insight in to how to improve your SAT/GMAT/GRE scores, how to write a resume and how to choose the best school for you, check out the Island Advantage Study Abroad Guide, available now!

Curious about unlocking the power of your story? Book your free consultation here.


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