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Scholarships our clients have landed!


Graduate Schools our clients gained acceptance to!

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Trey Cumberbatch

2021 Commonwealth Rhodes Scholar

I was really apprehensive at first, but from the first meeting I knew that my coach and I would have a great rapport. She was calming, reassuring and really listens. She makes it all about you. 

Her biggest advice is, to " be you and never dilute yourself". She gives extremely constructive feedback and if you listen to her, she will not put you wrong.


I credit her for the reason why I was so successful in my Rhodes Scholar interview. 

I can not recommend her enough.


Thank you Island Advantage!


Chanelle Alexander
Masters Higher Education & Student Affairs

Graduate school was a dream that seemed unattainable.

My undergraduate career was not the smoothest. It came with many trails, failures, setbacks and even an academic dismissal, yet still I was able to persevere. 

Through the coaching at Island Advantage, I stepped outside my comfort zone. I applied to 3 top ranked institutions; The Ohio State, University of Georgia and the University of Maryland, where their Higher Ed. & Student Affairs masters programs placed in the top 10. Being someone who was academically dismissed during their undergraduate studies, and graduated with an overall GPA of 2.76, I believed that applying to these universities was outside of my academic scope.

To be on the other end of this journey, where I have been accepted into 2 out of the 3 schools I've applied for, is an amazing feeling. To think, I was going to count myself out of this opportunity, due to fear and doubt. But God has a way of hand selecting people to come into your life at the perfect time.


Island Advantage has been a great source of coaching and mentorship to me throughout this process.


It brings me joy to share this journey with her (the highs and lows), because she is invested, as if it's her own, and for that I am so appreciative!

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