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Communicate in a clear way: - the SET formula

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Communicate or present in a clear, concise way, using the SET formula.

Apply the SET formula to each PPT slide or a specific question (in Q&A) or to an elevator pitch or just in general conversation to help with rambling.

S: stands for Short answer or Summary. In other words, if you're asked a question you start with a short answer to the question. Imagine that each slide (if you're giving a presentation) speaks to a question or this is the conclusion or point of your slide. You're making a point or giving a summary statement explaining your view/experience.

E: is the Evidence. So these are the points that support your point above. You don't want to present more than three points. People don't remember beyond three. (Rule of three)

T: is the transition or summary. This moves you to the next point or slide or hands the discussion back to the next person. XX will talk about XX. Or that brings me to my next point which is XXX. Or now I'll illustrate XXXX. In conversation it would be "What do you think?" or "is there anything else you'd like to know?"

For example: If your supervisor came in and asked, “How’s the XYZ project going?” you could answer as follows:

S: It’s ahead of schedule.

E: We completed phases one and two last week. We’ll finish phase three by Thursday. That’s a week ahead of schedule.

T: Was there a specific part of the project you wanted to know more about?


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